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     We have come upon a sad time in Luzerne County.  A time when our government is no longer working for the people.  We chose to elect these officials to work for us and represent our best interests but instead, they would rather do for themselves and what serves their interests best.  And as if this betrayal of trust was not enough, now they want our homes!        


    We do not oppose the reassessmentWe recognize the need for a long overdue reassessment, but one that is done right, not filled with errors, daily changes in procedure, inconsistencies, intimidation at hearings and on and on.


    Citizens come forward and let your voices be heard!  We need your help and support to stop this injustice.  Whether your taxes went down, stayed the same or went up we are all affected by this because that piece of paper you received in the mail was only an ’Estimate’ for 2009 based on all of these mistakes.  As the adjustments are made to correct the errors (like the $37 million over value in Buck Twp.) everyone’s taxes will have to increase to make up for them and when you get your ’Actual’ tax bills next year it will be too late.  You will have to pay them and then try to appeal for a reduction for 2010, but that will not be retroactive.


    Stand up for yourselves!  Help your neighbors!  Show these officials that they work for us and make them listen!  Our commissioners have wasted a lot more than $8M in the past and now we have had to pay $300 out of our own pockets for private appraisals to defend ourselves and more if we go further.  Tell them we have had enough!  Call them!  Write them!  Tell the media!  They can’t ignore all of us!

      Residents   of

 Luzerne County United

     “We must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately.”         Benjamin Franklin          (At the signing of the Declaration of Independence)

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512 Northampton Street   Dept  257

Kingston, Pa  18704

There is much more to come because…..


        We Have Just Begun!

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