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  We the People of 
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When your


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      Residents   of

 Luzerne County United

     “We must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately.”         Benjamin Franklin          (At the signing of the Declaration of Independence)

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There is much more to come because…..


  We Have Just Begun!

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     Speak UP is our internet Blog or weblog.  The place to express your opinion and see what others have to say about what's happening here in Luzerne County.

     In order to post comments you must first create a user login.  Its very simple, just pick a nickname or use your real name, select a password (at least 5 characters), enter a valid email address and click on ‘register’.  In a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email with a link.  Click on that link and you are registered, that’s it!  You can open your profile and make changes any time.

What Happened

     The hosting company that I use for our website was having problems with its servers which caused downtime, mail problems, the inability to make changes and other erratic behavior.  Unfortunately their hard drives crashed and everything was lost, so I have to start over with some of the programs I was working on like Speak Up.

     But the good news is that we have been moved to a different server with upgraded hardware and drives and even some advanced software applications that should be quite useful in the future.  Thank you for your patience.

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Please email or write to see how you can help.  Every little bit is a great service to all.